About Us

MARBUD Construction Group JSC is registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the District Court in Torun VII Economic Department KRS 0-000-386-338. The Company has a tax identification number NIP 879-016-79-44 and the company's statistical records number is Regon 008-082-670.

MARBUD company was founded on October 7 1987 by three partners: Marian Bartosiński, Ludomir Bożydar-Niedzielak and Henryk Białas, as "MARBUD" LLC. under the provisions of the District Court in Torun. The company was renamed on the 08.12.1988 to "Building Services and Engineering "MARBUD" LLC". On THE 15.02.2002 the company was entered into the National Court Register of Poland.

The company's first project was the construction of housing for medical staff and the construction of a Health Center in Ustron Morski near Kolobrzeg in January 1988. Activities on a larger scale were developed through the successive contracts for the construction of residential buildings for Housing Cooperative "Metalchem" in Torun. Further constuction contracts in the community led to the creation of Municipality Ustronie Morskie "MARBUD," whose director was one of the partners - Mr. Henryk Białas.

The company "MARBUD" developed through delivering successful projects in Torun. The company also expanded business outside of Poland and between 1991-1993, in cooperation with German companies in "Neubrandenburg" - "Wohnbaukombinat", "BauReal", "Reifenwerke" as well as working with the consulting firm of Wesseling Andreas Man, MARBUD completed numerous construction projects in Germany. This allowed the company to develop and gain valuable experience for conducting successful foreign investment.

An important moment in the development of the Company arrived on the 15-02-1996, when current Chairman of the Board - Mr. Mariusz Prestel became a co-owner of the company.

Since 2004, the company has carried out a number of large projects in the form of constructing entire housing developments, the largest of which is "Przy Lesie" - more than 450 apartments built to the highest standard. Other projects include - Bydgoszcz Estate "Szesciu Planet", "Sloneczne Tarasy" housing estate in Torun, Ciechocinek Estate "Slonecznym" and the Estate "Nad Drwęca" in Lubicz Dolnym. These types of projects are currently continuing, in Torun there is the development of 750 modern apartments in "Osiedla Sztuk Pieknych", the construction of a housing estate "Torunskie Powiśle", in Bydgoszcz and on Inowroclawskiej street the company constructed a complex of 5 multi-family buildings.

In subsequent years the company grew dynamically. It began to form subsidiaries and entities targeted for specific investments. On the 04-02-2010 under the provisions of the District Court in Torun, the company name was changed to MARBUD Building Group LLC. The next company development came when MARBUD changed it's status from "Limited company" to a limited liability joint stock company. This took place on 17 May 2011

The successes of the company is due to the core stablility of managers and engineers, as well as personal care and attention given to each employee. Excellent engineering personnel and strong business relationships with company associates provides good prospects for further development and achievements within the MARBUD Building Group.